Since the publishing of the dictionary-grammar, Many Rivers Aboriginal Language Centre (MRALC) has been supporting community based language revival in several areas:

  • Development of a Certificate I in Aboriginal languages – Gathang in consultation with the Gathang Language Group, and delivered at TAFEs in Taree, Great Lakes and Port Macquarie
  • Working with  2TLP Ngarralinyi radio in Taree to record a series of Gathang Language shows for the radio.
  • Supporting the Gathang Language Group in developing protocols for language revival.
  • Seeking funding for development and copying of language resources such as ‘Gathang stories’ an animated DVD of Uncle Eddie Lobban’s stories, developed by Uncle Jim and Tony Ridgeway, and recorded by Jeremy Saunders.
  • Faciliatating the development of an online version of the Gathang dictionary, in partnership with FirstVoices Canada.

Birrbay and Warrimay people throughout the region are using language in many areas of life including:

  • Many organisations are now learning Gathang language and welcoming people to country in Gathang.
  • Ngarralinyi radio is using language in broadcasting where possible.
  • People are using Gathang in welcomes and prayers in religious ceremonies, such as funerals.
  • Some schools are introducing language.
  • People are using Gathang in writing songs, storytelling and in artworks.
  • Gathang is being used to name bush tucker gardens, buildings, accommodation/units, properties, and in business names.

In the second half of 2015  a class of students began the Certificate III in Learning an Endangered language: Gathang. Their first semester was completed successfully and the class continues into 2016. Read about their first semester here.