Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-operative

Darruyay yilaaming maam-weba Muurrbay-gundi! Ngawaadu ngiyaanya, yuludarla wajaarr gani. Ngawaadu jalaarla ngiyambala muugay waarruwaygam; ngiyaanya balmuunambay. Welcome to the Muurrbay website! Our language comes from our country. Language gives us our identity and makes us strong. Muurrbay is a leading regional language centre that provides strategic support to revitalise the languages of seven Aboriginal communities of central to north coast NSW. We work closely with Elders and local language, culture and educational organisations to conduct research, publish accessible grammar–dictionaries and develop engaging educational courses and resources. Muurrbay gratefully acknowledges funding from the Australian Government’s Indigenous Languages Support Program of the Ministry for the Arts, Attorney-General’s Department via its Indigenous Languages Support (ILS) program. Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that this website may contain images and voices of people who have passed away.

About Us

Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-operative is a leading regional language centre that provides strategic support to revitalise the languages of seven Aboriginal communities, of central to n...
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Muurrbay is a regional language centre providing strategic support for Aboriginal communities of the northern and central coasts of NSW who want to revitalise their languages. We support the...
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Publications and Resources

Muurrbay publishes a wide range of resources on Aboriginal language and culture; holistically (NSW) and for separate language groups of coastal New South Wales. In-depth research, community consultati...
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Muurrbay tree of life painting


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Latest News

Latest news from Muurrbay.

Please do not subscribe!

We have just found that people have been subscribing to our online courses site, even though the courses are not yet operational. It is necessary for some of us working here to subscribe, in order to ...

Muurrbay renovations underway

Everyone at Muurrbay is very excited that we now have renovations underway thanks to a strategic grant from the the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. The building is an old church that was in ne

Purchase Aboriginal Language Books

Muurrbay’s publishing section publishes a variety of books that support the revitalisation of the Aboriginal Languages of New South Wales.