Dhanggati today

The homeland of Dhanggati people is the Macleay Valley, mid-north coast of New South Wales. The Ngabu Bingayi (Sisters and Brothers) Aboriginal Corporation is a group of Dhanggati Elders and younger people dedicated to the wellbeing of Dhanggati people. Their main aims include reviving language and culture.

The Dhanggati Language Group is under the umbrella of Ngabu Bingayi and has been actively working towards reviving language and culture since 2007. Prior to that, Elders were already teaching language and culture in schools and the community. In 2007, they became the copyright holders of the Dhanggati grammar and dictionary with Dhanggati stories compiled by linguist Amanda Lissarrague and published by Muurrbay. This grew out of a range of community-based Language workshops and classes in Bellbrook and Kempsey. From this work, various learning and teaching resources have been developed by Ngabu Bingayi, see their website.

Muurrbay published the Dhanggati grammar and dictionary with Dhanggati stories 2nd edition by Amanda Lissarrague, 2020.

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Speaking Dhanggati every day

Hello: Yawayi.

How are you? Miyanggan nyinda?

I’m good/well. Ngaya marrung.

Soon/goodbye. Balu.

Thank you. Marrungbu.


Welcome to Country  

Yawayi. Wayikarr marrung.

Hello. Welcome.


Miyanggan dhanang?

How are you all?


Dhanggu nyuwayi___________

My name is _______


Dhanggu barri dhitiyn.

This is my country.


Nyinanhambu bitha, nyinanhambu warru wa banduunggakayi mulumngu.

Our river, our plains and our hills from the mountains to the coast.


Dhanggati barri dhitiyn.

This is Dhanggati county.


Dhanang, marrungga, barriya, dhitiyndha.

You all be well on this country.


Marrungbu. Balu.

Thank you. Bye.


Books etc

Dhanggati grammar and dictionary with Dhanggati stories (second edition) Amanda Lissarrague, 2020.

Dhanggati Barrunbatayi Wiriiyn – Dhanggati Dreaming Stories – Volumes 1 And 2. Published by Ngabu Bingayi, 2020. These stories follow the path of the Great Rainbow Serpent across Dhanggati country, includes DVD. Colouring-in books also available.

To purchase these books, see our publications page.

For information about the Dhanggati language please go to dhanggati.org.au