Uncle Gary Williams


Gary Williams is Muurrbay CEO.

He has recently been researching the Gumbaynggirr Collected Stories, supports the Gumbaynggirr language courses, and travels throughout the region advising on regional language projects, particularly Bundjalung.

Recently he worked on the translations that were used in the ABC Cleverman series.

Dallas WalkerDallas Walker

Giinagay nganyundi bijaarr ganyjarr ganyjarr.  Hello my name willy wagtail.

Hello my name is Dallas Walker and I’ve been learning Gumbaynggirr for about 15 years.

Now I’m Head Teacher at Muurrbay, as well as a consultant, and I enjoy teaching who ever wants to learn their own language. I am involved with supporting the Certificate III in Gumbaynggirr which is being taught at Muurrbay at present.

Mari Rhydwen

Hello! My name is Mari and I come from Wales, or Cymru as we call it.  I am the regional coordinator linguist at Muurrbay, coordinating language workers and linguists working on language revitalisation  projects in several languages.

My first research after arriving in Australia was on literacy in Northern Territory Kriol. After a career in university teaching and research, I worked as Aboriginal Languages consultant for school language programs across NSW.  In this latest role I will have the opportunity to continue supporting language-teaching programs of the NSW mid-to-north coastal region as well as the work of researchers.

Brother Steve Morelli

Brother Steve Morelli

Hi! I’m Brother Steve (Gugs) and I’ve been working with Muurrbay since the early days in Sherwood. I teach one day a week at Muurrbay. I also produce teaching resources and am working with Muurrbay on language development and publishing the Gumbaynggirr Dreaming stories. I have resumed researching Yaygirr language, and workshopping with language teachers.
Currently I am the head teacher for the Certificate III Gumbaynggirr course that we are teaching at Muurrbay.

Julie Long

Julie Long

Hi, My name is Julie Long. My work over the years at Muurrbay has mainly been in language education and IT support. I have developed course materials for both the Gathang Certificate I course and the Gathang Certificate III Learning an Endangered Language and delivered the Certificate III which completed in 2016. I now support the Certificate III in Gumbaynggirr Language and Culture Maintenance in the area of compliance for Registered Training Organisations. I also support publishing wing by desk-top publishing and editing. In the past I have worked alongside Michael Jarrett at St. Mary’s Bowraville on a K-6 program and wrote the Barriyala; Let’s Work student workbooks for the Gumbaynggirr language. I have a BA in Linguistics and Certificate IV in TAE and previously taught foreign languages in primary schools.

terrie LoweTerrie Lowe

Jinggiwahla Ngay gala nyari Terrie, Bundjalung dubay, Hello my name is Terrie & I am a Bundjalung women and my mob is from Baryulgil. In 2013 was awarded a Masters of Indigenous Language Education at Sydney University and have been enhancing my language knowledge ever since.   Just recently completed Language Revival: Securing the Future of Endangered Languages – The University of Adelaide.  I am responsible for developing teaching resources and organising community-based language workshops and training.


Virginia Jarrett


Giinagay ngujawiny! Nganyundi bijaarr Virginia. Hello everyone! My name is Virginia and I have been involved in Gumbaynggirr Language since the first class commenced in 1997 at Muurrbay and I have been involved with language ever since.

I have taught Gumbaynggirr language in schools in the local surrounding areas through the years and now take part in the Cert III as a support teacher and currently I’m  Administration Officer for Muurrbay Language Centre.




Albert Burgman1Albert Burgman


Muurrbay has recently engaged me as a consultant linguist. One of my main roles is liaising with the community to develop a Darkinyung language revitalisation plan. The other major role is to provide training in transcribing audio so that Aboriginal language learners can more easily access language recordings.

My heritage is Dutch and Irish, and I was born and raised in Wagga Wagga, NSW; I have been based on the Central coast for eleven years.

I have over thirty years of experience working with Aboriginal people on their languages, and a great deal of this time in the field of education. I am a qualified linguist and primary school teacher. I have taught in primary schools, juvenile justice, TAFE and university. For the last fifteen years I worked as a linguist for Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre in South Hedland, WA. Much of that work focused on developing language databases, dictionaries in hard copy and computer based formats, and sketch grammars.