Ngarraanga nginundi Yuludarla. Remember your Dreaming

VISIONWe aspire to be …An Aboriginal language and culture centre of excellence, meeting the language learning and teaching needs of the seven Aboriginal nations of central to northern coastal NSW.
MISSIONOur purpose…To empower Aboriginal people to give voice to our languages, feel secure in our culture and embody our Dreamings.
PRINCIPLESWhat we believe
in …
·       Our Dreaming
·       The wisdom of our Elders
·       Language comes from the land
·       Language and culture are one
·       Language empowers communities
·       Excellence in linguistic research
·       Collaboration
·       Sharing resources and strategies
WHAT WE DOTo revitalise Aboriginal Languages, we …·       Conduct quality research
·       Record Elders and speakers
·       Publish language texts
·       Deliver certificate courses
·       Develop teaching resources
·       Mentor language champions
·       Provide language advice
·       Auspice community language projects