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Brothers mark milestones of religious commitment

For Brothers Mika Cilicewa and Brother Steve Morelli of the Diocese of Lismore’s Aboriginal Catholic Ministry, 2013 is a significant year for their religious commitments as they each celebrate extraordinary milestones. Please click on the image below to read the complete Mid-Coast Observer newspaper article. A new window will open and the article will automatically . . . → Read More: Brothers mark milestones of religious commitment

Gathang language goes live online!

FirstVoices training participants at Muurrbay in 2011.

On Wednesday, December 12, 2012, Gathang community members gathered to celebrate the launch of a new web portal dedicated to the revitalization of their Indigenous language. Media were invited to attend the event, which took place at 2 p.m. in Room AG 03 in the General Education . . . → Read More: Gathang language is now live online!

Gumbaynggirr stories come to life on the web and iPhone

The Legendary Pacific Coast, a major tourism drive from Sydney to Brisbane, has combined with regional Aboriginal communities to create a groundbreaking tourism product with wide-reaching community benefits.

Please click here to read the full article from the Coffs Coast Advocate…

To check out the Legendary Culture & Heritage Trail, please click here…

Dhanggati Elders reveal bridge name proposal in song

COUNCIL business took a back seat for a while at Tuesday’s monthly meeting and the chamber filled with song as an Aboriginal delegation’s members made their case for the official naming of the Macleay Floodplain bridge. Members of the Dhangatti Language Group came up with the name “Yapang gurraarbang gayandugayigu” during a discussion at their . . . → Read More: Dhanggati Elders reveal bridge name proposal in song

Dhanggati - A Living Language

Where do the names for animals and things come from? Someone at some stage made a decision: we’re going to call this animal a platypus. Actually is was during the late 18th century: from Greek platupous ‘flatfooted,’ from platus ‘flat’ + pous ‘foot.’

So being that it’s an Australian animal, what was it called . . . → Read More: Dhanggati – A Living Language

Yaygirr Dictionary radio interview on 'the wire'

One more Indigenous language is being revived through the hard work of the local people. For more than six years, David Prosser, an Indigenous teacher and mentor, has been working together with the Yaegl Elders and the Muurrbay Language and Cultural Centre to construct a Yaygirr language Dictionary. To listen to the interview, please click . . . → Read More: Yaygirr Dictionary launch radio interview on ‘the wire’