Help Muurrbay to put a new roof over our heads!

After more than 20 years as one of Australia’s leading Indigenous language centres, our building was suffering from termite damage. Our building was the original church for the local ‘mish’ and is of continuing significance to the local Gumbaynggirr people who live nearby, this meant we were fortunate to receive a grant from Heritage Near Me, to carry out urgent renovations.

Now the timber work in the building has been repaired, the whole building has been repainted and new drainage protects the building from damp. It looks as good as new—except for the roof!

The roof tiles are very brittle and fragile. We have been advised that the whole roof requires replacing as soon as possible. This will cost around $65,000. So, we are asking you to help us to raise the roof by making a donation to our New Roof Appeal. We are able to do our work to support the seven Aboriginal languages of the north coast of NSW because all our funding goes on our language work, not on our building but now we need your help. This will ensure that we can continue to focus on what we do best: bringing back the Aboriginal languages that were spoken in this area for thousands of years.

All donations, large or small, are received with deep gratitude. You will receive a receipt for your donation which is tax deductible.

Please Donate