Anna Ash represented Muurrbay at the annual workshop of the Australian Linguistics Society which was hosted by the University of Western Sydney in Parramatta, from 9-11 December. Anna also attended the pre-ALS workshop Tuesday 8th December about; ‘What Universities can do to support the teaching of Aboriginal Languages?”

The meeting resulted in the formation of a working group “Tertiary Aboriginal Language Committee” (TALC), with members from Universities, including Dr Ray Kelly from Wollotuka at the University of Newcastle, and John Hobson as Secretary/President.

The group agreed on the following items as key focus points to be refined and addressed by the working group where possible:

1. Improve cross-institutional enrolments 
2. Fostering flexibility in recognition for RPL, which could involve recognition of TAFE Certificate IV for teaching degree in Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language (which may be ruled out by ASQA) or at least more sympathetic approach to the recognition of pre-requisites for teaching certification for teachers of Aboriginal languages. 
3. Set up a system of rankings for universities that reflects their commitment to facilitating cross-institutional enrollment in, and supporting the teaching of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language courses. 
4. Celebrate those institutions that do cross-institutional enrollment well and also Aboriginal language teaching. 
5. Researching languages, beginning with description 
6. Support resource production 
7. Support curriculum development 
8. Language planning, including both status planning and corpus planning such as incorporation of new terms, or adapting the language to modern usage/needs. 
9. Deliver linguistics and teacher training 
10. Smuggling inspiring Indigenous languages into other courses to generate awareness of, and interest in Aboriginal languages 
11. Assist in grant writing for language projects

Thank you!!