The language teaching resource Mayalambala is now available electronically, thanks to a collaboration between Muurrbay and Sydney Aboriginal Languages and Computing’s Cat Kutay.

Mayalambala bush scene
Mayalambala bush scene

Mayalambala is an innovative teaching resource that supports the teaching of Aboriginal languages. It consists of three background posters ‘In the Bush’, ‘At the Beach’ and ‘At Home’, and over two hundred pictures of people and things that can be manipulated. A User’s Guide for Gumbaynggirr suggests a sequence that allows for a gradual increase in the vocabulary and grammatical features taught, and may be adapted to other languages.This resource has been inspired by Asher’s Total Physical Response approach which focuses on learners developing their comprehension skills, as seen in their physical response to commands, before they are expected to respond verbally. Several Gumbaynggirr language teachers have successfully used this approach, so we have developed posters and pictures that are appropriate for Aboriginal languages of coastal NSW, and beyond. Teachers are now using this resource on electronic whiteboards; this allows students to move the small pictures around on the various backgrounds.

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