Lismore local, Binnie O’Dwyer invited Margaret Sharpe  to come to a language workshop in Lismore in April, held at Thelma James’ Bundjalung café ‘Gunnawannabe’.  Roy Gordon and other Lismore Elders had a valuable input to the day, welcoming everyone and advising on language matters. 

Margaret has worked on the many dialects of Bundjalung  language and was keen to help people learn more language, she has recently published an updated dictionary – grammar in electronic format.   Some non-Aborignal people attended, as well as Bundjalung people from Lismore, Grafton and Cabbage Tree Island.  Everyone shared their language knowledge and teaching ideas; the general feeling was that it was a positive step in supporting Bundjalung revitalisation. 

Anna Ash from Muurrbay- Many Rivers Language Centre traveled up with Terrie Lowe, a Bundjalung student of the Masters in Indigenous Languages Course at the University of Sydney,  to see how Muurrbay could help out, and shared some language teaching ideas that have worked well for other Aboriginal langugaes in northern NSW.  Gary Williams and Anna regularly visit people throughout Bundjalung country: recording Elders and supporting the  growth of Bundjalung language yarn ups and classes.

The next meeting in Lismore will be held on the 18-19th  May, and we hope there will be many more to follow! 

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