The Dhanggati Language Group has proposed a dual name for the longest bridge in Australia, currently under construction as part of the Kempsey bypass.

The proposed name for the 3.2km bridge is Yapang Gurraarrbang Gayandugayigu Very Long Track to the Other Side.

The name is long because the bridge is long. We understand the RMS is considering one other proposal – the name of a deceased individual. If you want to support our proposal, please write to Minister Duncan Gay, outlining the benefits of honouring local Dhanggati culture and language in a local, regional and international context. Or just say that you love it and want it!

Certificate 1 class at Kempsey TAFE.
Nudhanang Garrkungkurr ngarratiyn guuyaritiyni Dhanggati. They listen to the grandparents speaking in Dhanggati. Certificate 1 class at Kempsey TAFE. Alana & Barry Roberts, Graham Quinlan, Greg Holten, Thelma Kelly, Gladys Quinlan, Caroline Bradshaw, Esther Quinlin, Marjorie Vale.


The Hon. Duncan Gay, MLC
Level 35 Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place
Sydney NSW 2000
P (02) 9228 5271

The Dhanggati Language Group has the support of the Macleay Valley Tourist Association and local Aboriginal organisations, and is made up of Elders who are learning Dhanggati Language Cert 1 at Kempsey TAFE.  There is an impressive animation of the bypass at this link: