Djuyaliyn Gathang is a weekly radio program on 2TLP, Muurrbay-MRALC staff have enjoyed supporting its development.


Djuyaliyn Gathang means ‘speaking Gathang’ and that is what the presenters of the show will be doing on the air waves!

A weekly Gathang language show is now being broadcast by Ngarralinyi Radio in Taree. This exciting new development in language revival has been developed over the last few months with Ngarralinyi staff particularly Cultural Officer Wayne Paulson, together with graduates of the Certificate I in Gathang and supported by staff of Muurrbay-Many Rivers Aboriginal Language Centre. It builds on the launch of the Gathang Dictionary – Grammar, and the teaching of Gathang language in Taree, Port Macquarie and Tuncurry/Great Lakes. You can listen to the shows by going to the Ngarralinyi home page.

Congratulations to Ngarralinyi and all Gathang people involved!!!