The Dhanggati Language Group with support from Muurrbay is currently engaged in researching Dhanggati placenames in the Macleay: those currently in use e.g. Yarrahappinni Mountain (a corruption of yarra yabani koala rolling); those not in use e.g. Baralbalayi (Anderson’s Sugarloaf Mountain); and developing new names for new infrastructure.

This includes a submission to the NSW Minister for Roads and Maritime Services to name the new bypass currently under construction near Kempsey Yapang gurraarrbang gayandugayigu Very long track to the other side. The Dhanggati Language Group has had several consultations with the RMS and a site visit, where it became apparent that our proposed name is a very good fit for the bridge, which really is a very long track from one side to the other. It’s appropriate that the bridge, with its many feet snuggled firmly into the depths of the earth which is Traditional Country of the Dhanggati people, be named in the language of that Country. You can help the Dhanggati Language Group by writing to Minister Gay to express your support for this appropriate name.

The Hon. Duncan Gay, MLC
Level 35 Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place
Sydney NSW 2000

You can hear members of the Dhanggati Language Group singing a song to help you pronounce the Dhanggati words here: YapangGG