Muurrbay and the Yaegl Elders are pleased to announce the launch of the Yaygirr Dictionary and Grammar at Maclean TAFE, this Friday August 3rd at 11am.

Please contact Muurrbay. Congratulations to all involved and thanks to the Australian Government’s Indigenous Language Support program. Copies available from Muurrbay, email your order to

For many years the Yaegl Elders have dreamt of showing respect to the country of the Lower Clarence by restoring the language that this land speaks. This grammar and dictionary has been developed with extensive community consultation to support them as they revive their language and culture and pass these on to their children.

Steve Morelli is a community teacher–linguist who has worked with Muurrbay for over twenty years. His research is based on W.G. Hoddinott’s recordings, and his and Terry Crowley’s study of the language of Uncle Sandy Cameron, one of the last Yaygirr speakers. The work  has also drawn from  the knowledge of other Yaegl people and the written historical records of Gerhardt Laves and several others.

This comprehensive grammar and dictionary includes:

  • A dictionary of  almost 1000 words and expressions with original sources, handy English word finder and semantic word lists.
  • A guide to the sounds of the language, and recommended spelling system.
  • A description of  the grammar, with useful comparisons to Gumbaynggirr.
  • Additional information on families shows the reader, in words and colour diagrams, the relationship words that Yaegl people traditionally used with each other.
  • Two new maps depict the Yaegl world, including placenames and their meanings.