Rising Voices, a Global Voices project that helps spread citizen media, has reposted the story from First Languages Australia on Muurrbay’s efforts towards teaching the Gumbaynggirr language, especially through radio.

“People across the region can hear the language, simply by tuning into ABC’s Coffs Coast morning radio show. Each Wednesday, Gary Williams, a Gumbaynggirr language teacher at the Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-operative … teaches words and phrases to listeners and to the show’s presenter Fiona Poole. The 3-minute segment airs at 7:30 am after the news broadcast.”

Click here to read the full article, listen to Gary’s pronunciation of Yaam darruy ngiina gaduyaygu ‘It’s good to meet you’ and watch the video with Michael Jarrett, another of Muurrbay’s language teachers, speaking about his hopes for the revitalisation of Gumbaynggirr.