The Muurrbay team have returned from the Puliima National Indigenous Languages and Technology Forum for 2017. The forum was an excellent opportunity for sharing and exchanging progress in language revitalisation and technological advances in language aid programs. The first two days hosted small workshops, followed by two days of presentations.

Sharon Edgar-Jones,  Julie Long and Rhonda Radley ran a workshop with the Gathang language, titled “Language games and activities for in the classroom”. This was a fun workshop that introduced and demonstrated games teachers can use for engaging children and adults when learning language. The classes were full of laughter and sharing of ideas. 




















Ricky Buchanan and Mari Rhydwen, along with Gary Williams via Skype, presented “Muurrbay: a brief history from two perspectives”. With unforeseen circumstances causing Michael Jarrett to return to Nambucca Heads, Ricky stepped up to the plate (on short notice) and gave his perspective of how Muurrbay has enabled him to learn his ancestral language, Gumbaynggirr. Ricky led a conversation with Gary on the history of Muurrbay and what languages we have grown to support. Mari then summarised her experience of Muurrbay, from her first external encounter with the Co-operative to joining the team this year, and concluded the presentation with a sneak-peak of our online introductory course to Gumbaynggirr.









Ricky Buchanan and Amy Davies were selected as Young Champions this year as part of First Languages Australia’s Young Champions Program. The group of Young Champions participated in the forum, and presented their language involvements and aspirations to the delegates.