'Cleverman' is an upcoming 6 part series that has a futuristic setting. It will feature on ABC television and has a cast of familiar names both in acting and production, as well as our up and coming actors- You will need to keep an eye out for the credits. Muurrbay's connection to 'Cleverman' is in the use of both Gumbaynggirr and Bundjalung languages. We responded to their wish to have Aboriginal language as a major feature in the series, at this p...

‘Survival Day’

Up and at em' early- setting up our stall for 'Survival Day'! Well done to Uncle Gary Williams and Jinda Maxine Jarrett for representing Muurrbay on this special day and showcasing the hard work that we do here, when maintaining and continue on with our language. This is evidence of our survival and we should all be proud that we have intelligent people in our communities that hold this space for our culture and dedicate their time to show the real be

Australian Linguistics Society

Anna Ash represented Muurrbay at the annual workshop of the Australian Linguistics Society which was hosted by the University of Western Sydney in Parramatta, from 9-11 December. Anna also attended the pre-ALS workshop Tuesday 8th December about; 'What Universities can do to support the teaching of Aboriginal Languages?" The meeting resulted in the formation of a working group "Tertiary Aboriginal Language Committee" (TALC), with members from Universiti...

Gumbaynggirr Dictionary arrives!

Muurrbay is pleased to announce that the Second Edition of the Gumbaynggirr dictionary and learners grammer has arrived...     To all those who worked so hard BANYJARRAMBANG ( you done well), especially Br. Steve Morelli, Dallas Walker, Gary Williams & Julie Long.  A special thanks to Christine Bruderlin from Bruderlin Maclean Publishing for designing the beautiful cover and supervising the last stages of publication. Thank

Gathang Classes

Fifteen determined and committed students have just finished the first semester of Certificate III in Learning an Endangered language: Gathang. They have completed five of the core units of the course and will continue throughout 2016.   This semester, students have studied the sound and spelling system of their language, discussed the status of Gathang, their understanding of the language boundaries, connection to neighbouring languages ...

NAIDOC- Grafton

24/09/2015 Bugalbeh (thank you) to all the people who visited the table for Muurrbay.  It was an honour and privileged to listen to all your stories regarding learning language. The joys, struggles and a sense of well-being when hearing and speaking language in our communities was evident.  Many found family members in the books and purchases were made and of course you can contact Muurrbay anytime.  It was dually noted that interest was high for language...

Bundjalung Workshop- Lismore

Muurrbay was invited to present at a Bundjalung language workshop in Lismore on November 19th, attended by many Bundjalung Elders and people working with language in many areas such as schools. It was hosted by Gnibi, with master of ceremonies Glen Rhodes of the  Aboriginal Language Nest.   It was a great opportunity to share Muurrbay’s work. Terrie Lowe is employed by Muurrbay to support Bundjalung language revitalisation, she told her stor...

Puliima Conference – 12th October- 16th October, 2015

Puliima Report Puliima 2015, was the fifth Indigenous Language and Technology conference, held this October 12th-16th in Melbourne, Victoria. Puliima is a biennial event aimed at bringing people together from all over Australia to explore pioneering project ideas, exciting products and equipment that can be used in community based Indigenous languages projects. The Forum allows people to network with an inspirational group of people who all share a common

Nesta best in NSW

Congratulations to Nesta Walker on your sporting achievements. Nesta is the grandson of Ken Walker- who worked tirelessly to revitalise and support the Gumbaynggirr Language. Nesta is also the son of one of Muurrbay's head teachers Dallas Walker. Once again Congratulations Nesta!!  Article Reads Bowraville Central's Nesta Walker has made a proud homecoming from the NSW Combined High School State Carnival taking out the blule ribbon in the 17 year io