Muurrbay welcomes Mari Rhydwen

Muurrbay is pleased to announce Mari Rhydwen has been appointed as Regional Coordinator. Mari started work for Muurrbay on the 13 February, 2017. Mari comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Following her early research in Kriol communities in the NT she took up University appointments at UWA at Murdoch University. After working at a language centre in the Kimberley her education background led to her being appointed as the first ...

“Wunaa junaa yaarri yarraang, junaa ngiina nyaagu gangaa!” Don’t say goodbye, just say see you later!” – Anna Ash

In 2004 Anna was appointed as the Co-ordinator-Linguist to establish Muurrbay's Regional activity 'Many Rivers Aboriginal Language Centre'. Anna was responsible for expanding Muurrbay's role to support not one but seven languages, she established a Regional Advisory Group to assist in prioritising Muurrbay's activities. Anna facilitated the process of the two activities joining to become a single regional language centre, and in 2014 secured triennial ...

Macquarie University student placement

This week and next week Muurrbay welcomes Macquarie University student Annina Chrystal to our office. Annina is a third year student from Macquarie University studying linguistics, and is undertaking work placement with us for her degree. Annina has already made a valuable contribution to our transcribing and publishing projects and an unexpected bonus is that she is now training us in Wordpress, the very program that creates this website! Macquarie...

ELAN Workshop

Muurrbay staff and Gumbaynggirr language teachers came together for training in  the transcribing program ELAN. Led by Muurrbay consultant linguist Albert Burgman, the training focused on how we can use ELAN to transcribe incredibly valuable recordings of speakers, resulting in a time-aligned file that matches up the audio recording with the written text. This is particularly useful for the Bundjalung, Dhanggati and Gumbaynggirr languages which have signif

Darkinyung Language workshops

In mid-March, Muurrbay arranged two Darkinyung Language workshops in Wyong and Kariong to bring together everyone interested in being involved in the revitalisation of the language. We were welcomed in Darkinyung by Aunty Bronwyn Chambers and Gary Williams did an acknowledgement of country in Gumbaynggirr. This was an opportunity for the community  to meet our new teacher linguist, Albert Burgman and to hear from them about what the...

Launch of Gumbaynggirr Dictionary

Gumbaynggirr Elders and youth joined together to launch Gumbaynggirr dictionary-grammar The new and improved second edition of the Gumbaynggirr dictionary-grammar was launched by Elder Barry Phyball at Muurrbay on the 18th of March 2016. Ricky Buchanan gave a welcome to country, as he’d done eight years ago for the first edition. From being a young school boy at the first book launch, Ricky is now working in schools, and studying Gumbaynggirr language


'Cleverman' is an upcoming 6 part series that has a futuristic setting. It will feature on ABC television and has a cast of familiar names both in acting and production, as well as our up and coming actors- You will need to keep an eye out for the credits. Muurrbay's connection to 'Cleverman' is in the use of both Gumbaynggirr and Bundjalung languages. We responded to their wish to have Aboriginal language as a major feature in the series, at this p...

‘Survival Day’

Up and at em' early- setting up our stall for 'Survival Day'! Well done to Uncle Gary Williams and Jinda Maxine Jarrett for representing Muurrbay on this special day and showcasing the hard work that we do here, when maintaining and continue on with our language. This is evidence of our survival and we should all be proud that we have intelligent people in our communities that hold this space for our culture and dedicate their time to show the real be

Australian Linguistics Society

Anna Ash represented Muurrbay at the annual workshop of the Australian Linguistics Society which was hosted by the University of Western Sydney in Parramatta, from 9-11 December. Anna also attended the pre-ALS workshop Tuesday 8th December about; 'What Universities can do to support the teaching of Aboriginal Languages?" The meeting resulted in the formation of a working group "Tertiary Aboriginal Language Committee" (TALC), with members from Universiti...

Gumbaynggirr Dictionary arrives!

Muurrbay is pleased to announce that the Second Edition of the Gumbaynggirr dictionary and learners grammer has arrived...     To all those who worked so hard BANYJARRAMBANG ( you done well), especially Br. Steve Morelli, Dallas Walker, Gary Williams & Julie Long.  A special thanks to Christine Bruderlin from Bruderlin Maclean Publishing for designing the beautiful cover and supervising the last stages of publication. Thank